Chosen One of the Day: Harrison Ford's legendary tummy troubles

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Jul 13, 2018, 4:50 PM EDT (Updated)

It's Harrison Ford's birthday today. The scruffy-looking nerf herder walked away with our hearts all the way back in 1977 and 1981, respectively, when he cemented his status as both a genre scandal and an academic-adventurer. No one can really top Ford's legendary status thanks to those roles — or his enviable commitment to absolutely not giving a single f*ck.  

Two of the most memorable moments in genre history are a result of Ford's improv skills. Not only did he rewrite the script in The Empire Strikes Back to change Han and Leia's love exchange into something that would be engraved on nerd decor for decades afterward, but one of the best scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark is all because of the fact that Ford was suffering from what Parks and Rec's Andy Dwyer likes to refer to as "hot snakes and bubble gut."

Fast-forward to 2 minutes in and you'll see what I mean. The sweat pouring down Ford's face, not to mention the utter so-over-this-sh*t that just radiates from every single pore. It's no wonder that when confronted with the idea of performing some impressive whip-versus-sword fight choreography, Ford famously turned to director Steven Spielberg before the cameras started rolling and said, "Let's just shoot the sucker."

The resulting scene speaks for itself  — and what it's actually saying is a resounding "Oh, f*ck this."

Happy birthday, Harrison Ford. We hope you'll keep showing up to fancy photoshoots in your own actual clothes for many more years to come.

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