Chosen One of the Day: Hexadecimal from ReBoot

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Jul 4, 2017, 2:00 PM EDT

The inside of your computer is a city. Video games are real. You are the villain. Well, sorta. It's a whole thing.

In the world of Mainframe, the city at the heart of the '90s animated classic ReBoot, there are many villains. There's the player, who, if they win a game against the show's main characters -- Enzo, Dot Matrix and Bob --- actually kills part of the city, which just seems wildly counterproductive for the person that's destroying their own computer.

There's also Megabyte, the superintelligent virus that constantly threatens the citizens of Mainframe.

But the really memorable villain of the story? That would be Megabyte's twin sister Hexadecimal. Not only was Hexadecimal a mega-powerful virus with tons of crazy super powers that she used to rule from her island lair of Lost Angeles, but she was also total style goals.


That is, assuming your style icons are Medusa, Scary Spice and those comedy and tragedy drama masks.

For a villain, she was also a surprisingly good role model. Super powerful but not power-mad. Her brother was a crazy villain intent on overthrowing the entire city of Megabyte, but Hexadecimal just wanted to run her schemes from her lair and occasionally wreak some havoc. After all, it's not her fault Megabyte got the intelligence in their split, while she ended up with the phenomenal cosmic powers and unhinged personality.

Not a perfect role model, sure. You probably don't want to TELL anyone you idolize a computer virus, but, you know, there are worse role models. Sauron, for example. Voldemort. Bella from Twilight.

At least Hexadecimal has emotions. Sure, they're represented by interchangeable faces where the lips don't move, but you don't need lips to be a badass.


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