Chosen One of the Day: Hot Dad Toby Stephens from Netflix's Lost in Space

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Apr 17, 2018

The new Lost in Space reboot on Netflix has, understandably, made a lot of updates to the original series.

The evil doctor may not necessarily be a doctor after all. The robot... well, we might have to address the robot at a later time, because dem thighs are ri-damn-diculously thicc. One thing that seems to remain constant no matter the era, however, is the fact that the poor Robinson family keeps stumbling into the absolute worst of circumstances time and time again—sometimes with a quick fix at hand, but usually not. 

Good thing they have a strong, steady patriarch to lead the way. Mmhmm.

This is Toby Stephens. You may recognize him from Starz's Black Sails, where he played Captain Flint (yes, that Captain Flint). You may not know that he is the son of Dame Maggie Smith (yes, that Maggie Smith).

He plays John Robinson in Lost in Space, a pilot and a former U.S. marine—and he is also a dad of three (bio-dad to Penny and Will, step-dad to Judy). I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that he is a Hot Dad based on the pictorial evidence above, and that is the biggest dilemma that Netflix could have ever thrown our way in terms of making this reboot to begin with.

Hot Dad Toby Stephens is unfair. It is unfair and distracting and a problem. At one point, Hot Dad Toby Stephens has a big beard as a result of flashbacks within the show, but that really doesn't serve to mask his Hotness or his Dadness.

Over the course of the first episode, we learn that John's wife Maureen (Molly Parker) has been trying to get him to sign divorce papers, and to that I say that if Maureen doesn't want Hot Dad Toby Stephens, I will gladly take it upon myself to be the new Mrs. John Robinson. The kids can come too. We like the kids. And Will can bring that robot friend of his. We'll all be one big happy family, me and Penny and Will and Judy and Hot Dad Toby Stephens.

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