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Chosen One of the Day: H.R. Wells' drumsticks in Season 3 of The Flash

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Jul 12, 2017

Oh Harrison Wells.

Like the Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers of Hogwarts, Tom Cavanagh’s character on The Flash has the running gag of being replaced every season. Impressively, TV’s Ed has managed to do a fantastic job of portraying three different versions of the same character (well, two versions of the same character and another character who was posing as that character, a detail the show's characters seem to forget to a maddening degree). First was the quiet, scheming-yet-strangely-great mentor, Reverse Flash. Next was the impatient and snarky Harry Wells from Earth 2. Most recently (but unlikely the last) he was the dweebish, but delightful, science-fraud muse and eventual sacrificial hero, H.R. Wells. To Cavanagh's credit, each one actually does feel like a totally different character. 

As a supplement to Cavanagh’s acting, the show’s props and wardrobe departments have also tried to find ways to separate out the different Wellses (Wellseses? Is it pluralized just as Wells? Welli?) between the seasons. We've seen everything from wheelchairs to guns to daughters, and now in this most recent season for H.R. Wells ... well ...




So. Much. Drumsticks.

Sticks 4.gif

He’s just always drumming.

Sticks 1.gif

Ugh, again with this?


Okay Tom, we get it…


You know what, I’m coming around.

sticks 7.gif

Boy’s got a beat in his heart, what are you gonna do?


In fact, drumsticks are such a natural part of Cavanagh's arm at this point that even when he's not holding one, he's holding one. 

No Sticks.gif

I guess one could say H.R. Wells really marches to the beat of his own ... never mind.

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