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Chosen One of the Day: Hugo the Devil Doll

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Feb 27, 2018, 6:05 PM EST (Updated)

The 1964 British horror film Devil Doll was ostensibly about an evil ventriloquist, the Great Vorelli (Bryant Haliday), who uses hypnosis to "seduce" women (rape is what that's called actually, Vorelli, but we digress) and then makes them ... I don't know, sick with some kind of post-hypnotic flu or something. It's all terrible, so because that is deeply upsetting, all my brain can truly handle is Hugo. Sweet, precious Hugo. 

Hugo is Vorelli's dummy. Hugo can talk. Hugo can walk. Hugo just wants some ham and Vorelli's being a total dick about it.

Vorelli also spends the whole movie telling Hugo he's ugly, a dummy (which, like, I guess he's not wrong), and generally berating him, while also convincing him to murder people. I get it; I get hangry, too.

Later we learn a human Hugo was Vorelli's old hypnosis assistant, who he would hypnotize and stab onstage (wait, what?), and he "accidentally" killed him via stabbing (seems like an occupational hazard of being professionally stabbed, to be fair), transferring his soul into the ventriloquist figure, leaving poor Hugo to a life of insults, zero ham, and questionable eyebrow coiffurage. It all ends well and good when Hugo and Vorelli swap souls, with Hugo transferring to Vorelli's body, free to eat all the ham he ever dreamed of. 

Also? He looks exactly like Martin Shkreli. Like, exactly.



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