Chosen One of the Day: the iguana from Planet Earth II

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Apr 28, 2017, 1:16 PM EDT (Updated)

Even if you haven't seen Planet Earth II yet, odds are you have seen two clips: the Homewrecking Penguins and Iguana vs Snakes. I can't speak for anyone else, but those two clips were easily some of the best TV of 2016, and that includes all the HBO shows and the last couple seasons of The Walking Dead combined.

Watching the penguins was like watching Real Housewives, only way sadder because I actually care about penguins. I saw the penguins clip once and that was more than enough for me. I can't even see pictures from it without thinking that in the middle of all this is some poor little baby penguin was maybe abandoned by his two-timing mother after his dad got his butt whooped in front of the whole community.

I hope for the little penguins' sake they moved to a new town and changed schools, because there's really no coming back from this level of embarrassment. But the iguana video is something else completely.

That video was easily two of the most anxiety-inducing minutes caught on film. It was a living nightmare, and yet I couldn't stop myself from watching it again and again. Those two minutes were every metaphor for everything to happen to everyone, ever. It was like Rocky making it to the top of the museum steps. Or like Rocky beating Drago, which feels eerily as timely now as it did in 1985.

This iguana is all the motivational posters ever made times infinity. You couldn't get this type of life inspiration and enlightenment if you watched every minute of Oprah's Super Soul Sundays, took every Tony Robbins course, went "clear”" or spent a weekend in South America drinking ayahuasca with Jesus and Buddha. This iguana is the only reference you will ever need for anything for the rest of your life. Bad day at work? Be the Iguana. Just got dumped? Be the Iguana. Your house burned down and you have nothing to your name? BE THE IGUANA.

"Be the Iguana" is the only mantra you need in life. You can face any obstacle, overcome any anxiety, if you repeat it to yourself over and over, like Chirrut walking though a spray of Imperial fire to come out victorious.

Try it out. Say it no matter what crappy thing happens this week, big or small. Conjure up the image of that baby iguana slipping through a death grip of MULTIPLE SNAKES and scurrying his teeny iguana legs up a cliff of rocks to safety.

It's become our little mantra for Fangrrls. We may even get embroidered leather jackets for our girl gang with that iguana emblazoned on the back of them.

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