Chosen One of the Day: Isabella Rossellini's necklace-as-shirt look in Death Becomes Her

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Mar 21, 2018, 10:00 AM EDT

Death Becomes Her has become a camp classic, a celebration of extravagant vanity, and at last an ode to the truest dream of all: a life spent doing nothing but watching TV and eating frosting out of the can with a spoon (wait, was that not supposed to be the good part of her life? I feel like I misunderstood that bit). But perhaps the most wonderful thing about the movie is Isabella Rossellini's sartorial choices, or lack thereof. Because I am still to this day in search of a necklace big enough that I can wear it as a shirt, as Rossellini does in the movie. Necklace + sarong = sa-right. And the perfect look for any active senior on the go!


Not only does Rossellini werk that statement piece (the statement being "my boobs are just, like, right here"), but later in the film she also dons a swimming scarf that frankly seems like more work than it's worth, but it's not about practical swimwear, it's about LEWKS.

Which she then removes in favor of a post-swim high-collared robe. COULD YOUR FAVE EVER?


Same, Bruce Willis. Same. This is exactly how I picture Beyoncé's daily morning aqua zumba.


"Great workout, boys; time for my post-zumba Dom flute."

And look at her boybutlers. Even they get to join in the fun of uniform elegance.


Perfectly appropriate, no matter the occasion. From robes to jewelry to beltwear and cummerbundery (I just love him as Doctor Strange), Haus Rossellini has everything we need.

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