Chosen One of the Day: Jack Jack’s raccoon nemesis from Incredibles 2

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Jun 22, 2018, 12:18 PM EDT (Updated)

There are a lot of difficult jobs out there in the world. Some are dangerous. Some require you to work long hours or at strange times. Some force you to be available at a moment's notice. Others require you to pounce at just the right time in order to get in on the ground floor.

And then there are the ones that require all of these. Like, for example, becoming the very first nemesis for a burgeoning superhero.

Luckily, Jack Jack has his raccoon.

Being a nemesis is difficult in and of itself. You’ve gotta get up early for all the planning, stalk your hero to thwart their heroics, hit them where it hurts, all while trying to maintain a balanced social life. But being the FIRST nemesis? That requires timing. It requires dedication. It requires that you be in exactly the right place (the garbage) at exactly the right time (while your baby hero is watching The Outer Limits) and know that your planned enemy has recently come into his powers.

Then you have to be willing to suffer the indignity of getting the crap kicked out of you and possibly allow yourself to be lit on fire.

It’s a hard job. But someone has to do it. And maybe, just maybe, your new nemesis will help boost your career as you each battle over control of the planet. Or, at the very least, control of the garbage pail.

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