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Chosen One of the Day: 'Jackie' Torrance from Castle Rock

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Sep 12, 2018, 4:00 PM EDT (Updated)

The new Hulu series of Castle Rock is chock full of Stephen King references — which makes sense, given the source material. But there's perhaps no better in-joke than the character of "Jackie" Torrance, played with serious relatability by Jane Levy of Suburgatory fame.

When we were first introduced to Jackie, we were given no explanation for her name's close resemblance to another, very well-known King creation with a penchant for eschewing book writing for ax murdering — at least, not right away. It's not until a later episode that she shares the deets.

Turns out her real name is Diane, and yes, she's actually related to THAT Jack Torrance. While she grew up hearing rumors about her uncle's infamous exploits at the Overlook Hotel, her parents refused to tell her the whole story, so in protest she changed her name to Jackie Torrance just to piss them off.

In case you needed more proof of why Jackie is literal goals, look no further than "Harvest," Castle Rock's fifth episode, in which she not only takes time out of her morning to enjoy a donut, but also decides to get high with "The Kid" (Bill Skarsgard) after their initial encounter in which she is unexpectedly surprised by his (likely) uncovered peen.

Although she wound up getting a little ax-murdery herself (a totally justified act, by the way) in a later episode, we're still keeping our fingers crossed for Diane "Jackie" Torrance, the one who runs her own cab company and who copes with the town craziness by lighting up a joint, to make it out of Castle Rock alive. Young entrepreneurs are the future, after all.

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