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Chosen One of the Day: Jason Voorhees, mom of the year

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Oct 9, 2019, 11:56 AM EDT (Updated)

So here’s the thing: I know next to nothing about the Friday the 13th movies other than that they exist and have something to do with a person in a hockey mask. But months ago, on Strong Female Characters, we decided to discuss whether or not the original was due for a remake. Then my co-host and fellow SYFY FANGRRL Courtney Enlow blew my g*dd*mn mind. 

Did you all know that the original Jason was a mom who was just mad that these jerk counselors neglected her son and then he died? 

Jason is a lady. Iconic horror killer Jason! A lady!! I stan! 

(Not really because horror is awful and I don’t need psychological torture from my entertainment, thank-you-very-much.) 

I’ve still not seen the movie (and have no plans to do so) but I do want to shout-out Mrs. Voorhees (?? Mrs. Jason??) for avenging her child against these ne’er-do-well, unqualified teens who just went camping to, uh, make out? I think? Or maybe her son's name is Jason? Who is Jason?? 

Anyway, here’s to you Jason AKA Mom! You are killing it.

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