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Chosen One of the Day: Jeff Goldblum in his best Dr. Ian Malcolm cosplay

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Oct 15, 2018

The first outfit that springs to mind when thinking about Jeff Goldblum is the all-black ensemble he wears in Jurassic Park. An outfit that is neither best suited for tropical island climate, nor one that is particularly practical when running away from a T-rex. Dr. Ian Malcolm finds this packing error out the hard way, but this doesn’t mean that Goldblum hasn’t taken style notes from one of his most famous roles.

In Goldblum’s more casual attire, a classic leather jacket is never too far away, and black is his signature color both in the Jurassic Park franchise and in real life. As noted in other recent Jeff Goldblum posts praising his sartorial choices, this recent style icon status has been cemented in the last four years — since he started working with stylist Andrew T. Vottero. Goldblum doesn’t just turn it up for movie premieres and award shows, nor does he dial back the rakish charm for daytime events. And he will bring out his inner Dr. Ian Malcolm when the time calls for it.

Thor Ragnarok Comic Con


One such occasion was at the 2017 SDCC for the Thor: Ragnarok panel. A panel featuring Taika Waititi wearing a pineapple print romper and Cate Blanchet in a slouchy Monse suit. Goldblum’s black skinny jeans, moto jacket, and a polo shirt with white collar piping is a definitive Goldblum ensemble. It isn’t exactly what Dr. Ian Malcolm was wearing 1993; instead, it is a contemporary version of this outfit. The unbuttoned shirt thing feels very mid-'90s; however — as Mark Ruffalo’s facial expression can attest — this more demure version is still very exciting.

In June, Jeff Goldblum was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (they sure took their sweet time).

Jeff Goldblum


And he is giving pure Dr. Ian Malcolm posing during the ceremony. Undo a few buttons and this is the iconic Jurassic Park moment 25 years later. Again, Goldblum opted for the all-black outfit approach, including Saint Laurent pants, and ditched the leather for a glittery shiny bomber jacket instead because this occasion calls for sparkle.

This is the Golblumiest of the Goldblum looks, and as he notes in this really fun conversation about his style evolution for Vanity Fair, he no longer broods at these events, “happy as a clam.” Black attire doesn’t always have to mean mournful or oh-so-serious, as Goldblum proves time and time again. Life finds a way, and so does Goldblum in thick-framed specs, black boots, and an all-black outfit.

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