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Chosen One of the Day: Jeff Goldblum's Rachel House shrine

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Oct 2, 2018

Jeff Goldblum month on FANGRRLS continues with this humble tribute to Jeff Goldblum's shrine to Rachel House, as seen in the actor's "Team Darryl" short.

Now, technically speaking, this is the Grandmaster's shrine to his late "assistant/bodyguard" Topaz, played by Rachel House in Thor: Ragnarok. But we all know that, when he played the Grandmaster in Ragnarok, Jeff Goldblum was essentially playing himself. And who wouldn't want a shrine to Rachel House, anyway? Did you see Moana? Rachel House voiced Moana's grandmother, and she probably made you cry, so props to her for clearing our sinuses and all that. Jeff Goldblum appreciates a good tearjerker. (It's why he starred in The Fly.)

Did you see Hunt for the Wilderpeople? Rachel House was awesome!

Wilderpeople and Ragnarok director Taika Waititi also collaborated with Rachel House in his earlier films Eagle vs Shark and Boy. Does he have a Rachel House shrine? Maybe. Do I? I should, if only on the basis of my reaction to how her hair looked at the Thor: Ragnarok premiere. My reaction was roughly thus:

dean pelton collapse

"Sorry. The prisoners with jobs have armed themselves." BRB, gonna start on that shrine now.

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