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Chosen One of the Day: Jet Jaguar from the Godzilla movies

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Sep 5, 2018, 10:30 AM EDT

For over a century, artificial intelligence has served as a fruitful subject for artists across a variety of media. Countless movies, TV shows, and works of literature have set themselves to the task of exploring the nature of futuristic robots and what their hypothetical existence has to say about mankind’s own existence. From Metropolis to WarGames to Ex Machina, these stories raise questions like: What is consciousness? What is the soul? What makes humans better, or more fit to rule as Earth's dominant life form, than any other form of intelligence?

None of those questions are pondered by the 1973 film Godzilla vs. Megalon, which has a scene where a robot spontaneously gains consciousness so it can fight a giant beetle, and its creator's response is literally "That's odd."

"That's odd." Not, for example:

“Did we invent a whole new form of consciousness here, or…? I mean, this is a robot who was dependent on a remote control to determine its actions. Except now it has altered its own programming because it knows humankind is incapable of handling its sh*t with regard to giant beetles. Sure, after it and Godzilla are done saving humanity, it goes back into remote control mode, but… IDK, should we be worried here? It feels like we should be worried.

"Oh, f*ck me, the robot who can spontaneously gain consciousness if its safety ever feels threatened can grow to multiple times its original size?

jet jaguar growing

Credit: Toho

"Who the hell put that subroutine in?! Guys, I've seen Westworld. This seems really dangerous.

“No? The script’s not going into that? We just care about the giant monster fights? Well... OK, I guess.”

And really, who’s going to complain about giant monster fights? NOT ME, that’s who. 

jet jaguar tossing

Another cool thing about this robot who, again, spontaneously gains sentience and no one seems to notice or care? Its name is Jet Jaguar. JET JAGUAR. That’s a name for either a pro wrestler or a stripper, or maybe a pro wrestler who is also a stripper. Of course, Jet Jaguar can't strip, because he doesn't wear clothes, but either way: Good one, JJ.

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