Chosen One of the Day: Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell in Hook

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Dec 6, 2017

If you're a 1990s kid, your memories of the story of Peter Pan might be intertwined with the film Hook, starring Robin Williams. The film told the story of a workaholic Peter (who also had to be one of the earliest cell phone adopters) as he travels to Neverland, recovers forgotten memories of his time as a Lost Boy, and defeats Captain Hook to save his children.

Now, the name of the film is Hook, and the protagonist is clearly set up to be Peter, but the actual hero of the story is very obviously Tinker Bell, as played by Julia Roberts. Yes, maybe you'll need to go back and review the film for yourself, but it is indeed "America's Sweetheart" (a movie she stars in 10 years later, BTW), Julia Roberts, playing Tinker Bell.


So maybe you're wondering what makes Tinker Bell the *true* hero of this story. Well, she facilitates basically every major event of the film.

Who returns Peter to Neverland after his kids are kidnapped? Tinker Bell.

Who convinces Captain Hook not to kill Peter immediately? Tinker Bell. 

Who tells the Lost Boys to train Peter to fight? Tinker Bell.

Who helps Peter get his memory back so he can finally fly? Tinker Bell.

She flies around manipulating every single dude in the film to do exactly what she wants, all while being 1/16th of their size. Seriously, if she's not proof enough that b***hes get s**t done, then nothing is.

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