Kamala Khan in Marvels Avengers Game via YouTube 2019
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Chosen One of the Day: Kamala Khan slurping a soda in Marvel’s Avengers trailer

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Oct 7, 2019, 10:30 AM EDT

This weekend the news broke that a lead character in Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers game was not, in fact, just Tony or Cap or Bruce or Natasha but the one and only Kamala Khan. And y’all we’re obviously so, so hype. But let’s talk about this trailer.

Kamala looks like she’s the catalyst for the Big Story in the game — which centers around a catastrophic event causing the Avengers to disband — but more importantly, she looks like she’s being a real-life teen. At the tail end of the trailer, the Avengers “A” logo pops up accompanied by the sound of slurping. We cut to Bruce Banner driving, and as the camera pulls back he slowly looks to his right in disbelief. We see Kamala in the passenger seat, and she will get the last few drops of soda out of her big gulp. She gives the soda a shake — you know, just to be sure — and then smiles a small smile and looks out the window. Blissfully unaware of Bruce’s disbelief. Live! Your! Life! 

Credit: Crystal Dynamics

Good for you, girl.

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