Chosen One of the Day: Kari, the babysitter from The Incredibles

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Mar 14, 2018, 11:40 AM EDT (Updated)

There's a brand-new Incredibles installment on the way. The long-awaited sequel to the 2004 film is bringing back many of our favorite characters, including the entire Parr family, but we don't yet have confirmation on the real hero of the original film: Kari, Jack Jack's totally badass babysitter.

Don't give me that look. I know Kari is kind of a weird teen girl who is way too into her babysitting gig than might make many of us comfortable, and she's in a movie full of actual superpowered beings, but consider the facts. Kari gets a phone call from her friend Violet asking her to babysit Violet's little brother at the last minute for an indeterminate amount of time. I don't know if you've ever sat for an infant before, but they are difficult. The crying and the pooping and the feeding schedules and the pooping and the constant anxiety over every noise and the pooping. Look, there's a lot of poop.

If you ask me, merely agreeing to the job was enough to land her hero status in my book.

But then she gets there, and, as we discover in the companion short film Jack Jack Attack, she immediately puts all her babysitter training to work, going above and beyond to provide Jack Jack with specialized playtime and music designed to help in his development. And then things start going off the rails.

The baby, already a source of immense stress, starts acting strangely. He disappears in one place and reappears in another, he flies, develops laser vision, SPONTANEOUSLY ERUPTS INTO FLAMES. This girl has an exploding baby possibly from the fires of hell, but does she panic? OH NO. She dunks that baby in a bathtub full of water, extinguishes the tiny fires he set throughout the house, and then stays up all night sitting there with a fire extinguisher so she can put him out again because did I mention that HE BURSTS INTO FLAMES?

Even after all that, she still manages to keep Mrs. Parr informed of the status of Jack Jack's well-being, reassuring her that everything is fine, but the baby is acting kind of strange so could she please let her know what to do in case of SPONTANEOUS BABY COMBUSTION.

At the end of the day, you cannot blame the girl for accidentally turning Jack Jack over to a supervillain posing as her replacement sitter. They don't teach you how to handle this stuff in Babysitting School.

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