Chosen One of the Day: Killer Frost's respawning blue jacket on the Flash

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Dec 13, 2017

The most recent season of The Flash has had a lot of business with their resident Doctor Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, aka Dr. Caitlin Snow and her now completely detached personality, Killer Frost. Essentially we get Caitlin most of the time, but Killer Frost when she’s angry or scared. It’s sort of the Hulk meets Mr. Freeze in the exact opposite way that Arnold Schwarzenegger was, and minus any of the puns.

But blah blah blah, character development, seasonal arcs, B stories. All that is well and good, but y’all, check out Killer Frost’s new threads.


This denim jacket seems to be the official costume for this version of Killer Frost, who has gone through a variety of looks over time, having been both an alternate-universe version of Caitlin and when she was slowly emerging from our Caitlin last year.

But twice now we’ve seen Frost emerge from her Caitlin prison only to lament the fashion choices of her literal better half and change into this new look. Now, one time we did see her digging through a stash of clothes in order to find it, but as of the recent crossover event, Crisis on Earth X, it seems the new move is to have Frost complain about whatever Caitlin was wearing and then just cut away to a different scene where she’s in her duds.

Look, superhero costumes already exist in some weird temporal zone where they are at the ready whenever need be, I get this. But Killer Frost has the added layer of not really ever knowing when and where she’ll be taking over. That means that she either has taken it upon herself to hide versions of her jacket in random spots all over Central City, or the jacket itself has developed the ability to respawn at the start of random encounters.


Killer Frost wondering if she hid enough jackets for this week. 

Either way, Caitlin or Killer, or whatever you want me to call you when you’re like this, you’re doing that coat girl, and whatever laws of time and space you’re breaking to make it happen, you keep doing it. 'Cause while your frozen-hearted morals may be questionable at times, your Evanescence cosplay skills are not.

The denim vibe softens the trying-too-hard intensity of its leather predecessors, but I also appreciate the move of the inner zipper, vaguely implying a corset while still allowing yourself the ability to breathe while fighting. Plus, are those pockets functional? Wouldn’t want to accidentally lose Caitlin Snow’s ID and credit cards just because there are Nazis and stuff. And you even managed to still highlight the snowflake belt buckle, in case anyone sees you with your white hair, blue lips, glowing white eyes, and hands shooting frozen air and says “Is this Killer Frost? Wait, sorry I see the buckle and indeed can confirm that it is.”

Anyway, love the new look, but if you are completely done with that long jacket from last season, could you let me know if you’ll be attending any clothing swap parties soon?

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