Chosen One of the Day: Lady Blackhawk

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Aug 8, 2018

Sometimes life gives you lemons, so you make some refreshing lemonade. Sometimes life pulls you out of time and drops you 60 years in the future, where everyone you knew is dead and nothing is what it used to be, so you become a transportation expert for a team of lady superheroes and drink and punch your way across the world.

That’s what everyone does, right?

Well, at the very least, it’s what Zinda Blake did when she found herself far removed from World War II and forced to start her life over. There was no laurel resting. She got a job right away flying the Birds of Prey wherever Oracle’s computers told them to go, and though she could have spent her time at each destination hanging in the cockpit or catching up on some beauty sleep, she instead chose to head out with them and face down the bad guys.


Or, at least, she did what any self-respecting war hero would do. She headed straight to the local bars and drank every many she met under the table and then used that table to beat the crap out of the jerks who dared to mess with her.

Zinda Blake was a Blackhawk, after all. A proud, well-respected, hard-drinking, cursing, high-octane hellion who didn’t care what you thought (or whether you took offense at her own opinions) so long as you got out of her way and let her drive.

Oh, and she knows what it really means to “call shotgun.”


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