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Chosen One of the Day: Lady Olenna Tyrell

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Sep 10, 2020, 10:30 AM EDT

The world lost veteran actor Diana Rigg today at 82, and in those years she did it ALL. But for many of us, our introduction to Rigg was Lady Olenna Tyrell, Game of Thrones' bossest baddest bitch, one even Cersei Lannister herself would bow to, at least she would if, you know, they weren't constantly trying to kill each others' children.

Lady Olenna was a master manipulator and super casual about it. Her barbs were as cutting as her fabrics were luxurious. Her opinions were as vocalized as her lemon cakes were plentiful (and do NOT skimp on her cheese). Her sass was as strong as her boredom with roses. Seriously, f*** roses. Basic-ass flowers. She was super chill about her gay grandson. She loved her granddaughter Margaery and helped her meticulously plan her wedding right down to the murder of the groom (that was grandma's "something new" and "something blue" gift, thanks nan!) 

Even in her moments before death, Olenna tells Jaime Lannister that his sister-love is a "disease" and also "hey btdubs, I killed Joffrey, he was a little bitch and I'd do it again, anyway, let Cersei know. Kisses! LADY O OUT." *swig*

Diana Rigg, like her most recent iconic performance, was a bold lady who did big things (presumably, though, not involving poisoning douchey babykings, no matter how deserving). May no one leave her roses — she spouted enough thorns for a lifetime.


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