Chosen One of the Day: Larry and Barry, Nux's 'mates' from 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

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Jan 5, 2018, 10:46 AM EST

Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie where basically everything is disgusting. It's a bacchanalian S&M nightmare filled with foot goiters and back boils and noses literally rotting off people's faces. It's a movie with dead babies, faces being ripped off and people drinking hot breast milk in the middle of the burning desert sun. "Adorable" is not a word you'd think of when describing this film.

And, yet.

Nux, played by Nicholas Hoult, is a half-life War Boy in the movie, which means he's a jumpy little cult member who worships cars, loves Immortan Joe and can totally pull off a bold silver lip. 


Because of the radiation in this wasteland he lives in, Nux and many of the other characters in this movie are riddled with cancer, requiring blood transfusions (hence Max as his "blood bag") and manifesting in large tumors. And that's where things get a little bit precious.


He named his shoulder tumors Larry and Barry. He drew smiley faces on them. THEY ARE HIS MATES. This is the sweetest thing in the movie, and yes I realize that bar is so low as to be subterranean, and the only moment that could possibly be categorized as "cute."

Although, frankly, this is kind of adorable too.


Everyone in this movie is so good at making lemonade out of lemons. Bless.

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