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Chosen One of the Day: Lee, Donna Noble’s One that Got Away

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Mar 7, 2018, 4:34 PM EST (Updated)

Doctor Who's most hilarious companion, Donna Noble, got shafted. Multiple times, actually. But one of the most heartbreaking times Donna Noble got shafted during her single season on Doctor Who was in Season 4's "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead."

In the two-parter, the Doctor and Donna are trapped in a library with an unseen enemy who are literally called "shadows that melt the flesh." So it's maybe the best move when the Doctor sends Donna back to the TARDIS to stay safe. Only it doesn't go as planned, and the first episode ends with the announcement that "Donna Noble has left the library" yet never made it to safety.

So where is Donna?

Turns out Donna is totally okay -- and living out a virtual perfect life! But hey, she deserves it. She has seen some sh*t on her adventures with the Doctor. Donna has been "saved" in an alternate universe where she has the opportunity to build her perfect life with a nice man named Lee McAvoy. They fall in love, get married, and have children, all within minutes. How?

BECAUSE LEE IS PERFECT (and it's all fake so of course it works out) but also LEE IS GREAT.

Doctor Who, Donna Noble and Lee

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Lee is everything a girl could want. He is tall and thoughtful and handsome. He wants to watch TV before bed and he doesn't talk too much. Lee would never send harassing tweets on the internet or underestimate Donna's brilliance. In the cumulative two minutes we spend with Lee, it's pretty obvious he is perfect for Donna.

And WE ALL JUST WANT DONNA TO BE HAPPY ... as evidenced by these 46 works of fan fiction written about Lee and Donna's lovely life together.

doctor who, donna noble fan fic

Of course, it can't last. Donna finds out her life isn't real. Her kids aren't real. Her Lee isn't real. Or is he? After Donna makes it back to the library and all 4022 people are saved, she can't find anyone named Lee and walks off with the Doctor. Only Lee was there all along, but due to his stutter isn't able to yell out for her.

Could this BE any more heartbreaking? 

Doctor Who, Donna Noble and Lee

GIF: "Doctor Who" / BBC

The answer is YES.

Donna lives on to remember her perfect life with Lee. Well, until all of her memories with the Doctor are erased. But when it comes to Donna and Lee, isn't it better to have loved and been erased than never to have loved at all?

The answer is again YES.

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