Chosen One of the Day: Lee Pace's arms in The Fall

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Nov 22, 2017, 10:54 AM EST

With Thanksgiving just ahead it’s time for our American readers to contemplate the things they’re thankful for. Friends and family. Good health. The fact that this hellscape of a year is almost over. Lee Pace’s arms in The Fall.

Mostly Lee Pace’s arms in The Fall, though.

The Fall is a 2006 fantasy drama starring Lee Pace as Roy, a heartbroken stuntman who bonds with a little girl, Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), while they’re both convalescing in a hospital in 1920s LA. The two of them imagine themselves in a vivid fantasy world, where Roy is a badass masked bandit and Alexandria is his daughter. If you haven't seen it, I'd put it on your to-watch list tout suite; it's gorgeous and will probably make you cry. The film marks a high point for director Tarsem Singh, who went on to direct movies that didn’t have Lee Pace’s arms in them—not even one.

The Fall, as is the case with most of Singh’s films, boasts costume design by the late, great Eiko Ishioka. In this particular instance, Ishioka deserves kudos for what she didn’t cover as much as what she did. In short: WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW.

How you holding up there, friends?

You gonna make it to Christmas?


Or have the raw power of Lee Pace's arms in The Fall killed you dead? His arms aren't in this next one, but I'm going to include it anyway, and once you see it I think you'll know why.

Prepare yourself.

Take a moment.

You ready?

(You're not ready.)


Lee Pace, you're so adorable in Pushing Daisies, and then this happens. You gorgeous, sexy bastard. Never wear sleeves again.

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