Chosen One of the Day: Lee Pace's eyebrows in Pushing Daisies

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Sep 27, 2017

Do you love joy? How about pie? I know, I know, they're basically the same thing, which is why, if you have never seen it, you really need to find a way to watch Pushing Daisies, the comedy/drama (mostly comedy) from Bryan Fuller before he started making really gory shows about cannibals and modern gods.

The story follows Ned, a pie maker who has the inexplicable ability to touch dead things and bring them back to life. Anything at all. People, animals, fruit, insects; anything dead, once it makes contact with Ned's skin, comes back to life. But only for one minute. Then he must touch it a second time to make it dead again or something -- or someone -- nearby dies. The show picks up when he touches his childhood sweetheart back to life and leaves her alive, letting another person die in her place.

It's delightful.

I'm serious. It is one of the most joyful shows about death you will ever watch, due partly to the cheerful storybook nature of the writing, as well as the wonderful cast, which includes Lee Pace as Ned, Anna Friel as Chuck, Chi McBride as Emerson, Kristen Chenoweth as Olive, and Jim "my narration of the Harry Potter books is better than the movies and possibly the books themselves" Dale as the narrator.

Oh, and these guys.


Those would be Ned's eyebrows. I mean, yes, technically they are Lee Pace's eyebrows and the last time I checked they were still on his face. Not that I check. Often.


But on Pushing Daisies, they are very much Ned's eyebrows. They are like their own character. They travel across his earnest face like two furry caterpillars that are just so very happy to see you and to serve you pie.


When Ned is concerned, they knit together like they're trying to give each other a comforting hug. The kind that Ned cannot give Chuck for fear of accidentally killing her all over again.


They have emotions of their own. For instance, here they are surprised:








Basically, what I'm saying is … wait … what was I saying? There are far too many eyebrow gifs.

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