Chosen One of the Day: Marti, the badass female guest from Season 1 of Westworld

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Apr 15, 2018, 12:09 PM EDT (Updated)

Westworld is, essentially, all about tapping into your id. Sure, you might have to be loaded even to get the opportunity to visit, but once you're there, time spent at this glorified amusement park is basically devoted to, in the words of brothel madam Maeve, "doing whatever the f*ck you want."

Enter Marti. While most of the female guests we see in Westworld seem content to wear tight-fitting corsets and trail after their husbands—who, in essence, get to shoot and loot and have all the freaking fun—Marti is doing her own thing. She's an independent woman. And she's actually wearing some damn pants.

When we meet Marti (played by Bojana Novakovic) in her first and, tragically, only appearance on the show thus far (in Episode 3, "The Stray"), she's decided to tag along with host Teddy (James Marsden) to round up some wanted men for a bounty. Presumably, some cash money is involved, as well as notoriety, and Marti is dressed appropriately for all of it. At one point, she dons a poncho over her sleeveless vest—given how realistically hot the park must get in line with its Wild West aesthetic, props to her for thinking of the correct sun coverage option that doesn't interfere with her gender-bending wardrobe aesthetic.

Although the situation quickly goes sideways, and Teddy does the perpetually noble thing he's known for and tells Marti to flee from danger before he himself gets hacked to pieces, we'll always remember how awesome it was to see a female guest who didn't care to conform to the unspoken dress code. Oh, and that scene where she happily goes upstairs with Clementine, because girl knows what she's into.

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