Chosen One of the Day: Mews the Cat from Stranger Things 2

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:18 AM EDT (Updated)

Season 2 of Stranger Things hit Netflix on October 27 prime for a binge, and so we of course totally did. The second season of Netflix's 1980s sci-fi show, starring queen Winona Ryder alongside a cast of supremely talented children, brought further exploration of the Upside Down and even the addition of a few super-important new characters. No, I'm not talking about Superhero Bob (Sean Astin), I'm talking about Dustin's pet cat Mews.

As far as we've seen, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and his mother live alone in Hawkins. They've got the adorable mother-son relationship going on, but it was also pretty clear from day one that their orange cat Mews held a special place in Mrs. Henderson's heart ... and lap. 


For the first half of Season 2, we saw Mews almost as much as Eleven, endearing the cat in our hearts. So naturally, Mews was the first victim of Dart the Demogorgon and Dustin's teenage boy stupidity. The death of Mews was perhaps the most disturbing scene of the show, which is saying A LOT. Certainly, every human in Hawkins has made mistakes. Some (*cough* Dustin) made more mistakes than others -- but Mews was a true innocent in the madness. A calming influence. 

I suppose you could claim that Mews' death wasn't in vain. After all, Dustin finally noticed that his "pet" Dart was actually a Demogorgon set on killing everything it came into contact with blah blah. But it still doesn't seem fair that Mews was the sacrificial lamb to Dustin's moment of realization.

Now that Barb was finally laid to rest, I'm starting the #Justice4Mews campaign.

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