Chosen One of the Day: MIko Hughes, the ultimate creepy kid

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Oct 5, 2017

The Creepy Child is the ultimate horror trope and the '80s and '90s were resplendent in their terrifying glow. Big eyes, empty hearts, can't lose -- that's what I always say. I have it cross-stitched on a pillow and next to that pillow I keep a photo* of the Tiny Baby King of Creepy Children: Miko Hughes.


* Hi Miko. We have a lot of fun around here. Please know I don't really have a photo of your tiny baby visage. Were I to have a photo of you it would obviously be this one:


Yes, that's right the kid from Pet Sematary and Wes Craven's New Nightmare grew up to be FOINE. But we're not here to talk about that 31-year-old six-pack (yes, he's 31 now -- you're old, I'm old and those abs are legal). We're here to talk about that nightmare toddler he once was.

Miko first entered our lives and night terrors when he was just 3 years old in 1989's Pet Sematary. He went full Joker on Herman Munster's face.


I mean look at this kid. This little itty bitty angel baby of a monster fetus. 


This is the face every parent sees when their kid wants cookies or fries. I KNOW IT WELL.

After he slashed Fred Gwynne, his horror baby journey took him to Wes Craven's New Nightmare, where he played the meta-son of meta-Heather Langenkamp and was meta-creepy.


And like a true smol demon bean, he was also Michelle Tanner's friend that was kind of the worst.


To Miko, we thank you for all the nightmares. And the latter-day beefcake shots.

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