Chosen One of the Day: MO, the beleaguered cleaning robot from Wall-E

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Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Wall-E. It's arguably one of the best animated movies of all time. It's certainly up there as one of Pixar's best additions to the genre. We all have our favorite scenes and our favorite characters. For most people, that favorite character is the titular hero, Wall-E.

And who would blame you, really? He's adorable. Like a robotic cross between a toddler and a cat. All curiosity and accidentally breaking things.


But there is a whole cast of other robots that deserve your respect, chief among them: MO.


MO is just as cute as Wall-E, only with more focus and way more neuroses. MO just wants to clean, to keep the spaceship as spick and span as possible in order to keep the people on board happy and healthy and utterly oblivious to literally everything happening around them. He has one job and he does it well.

Until Wall-E shows up and ruins everything.


And, you know, is kind of a jerk about it.


Don't. Touch. The face.

Look, he's just trying to do his job. He doesn't need the extra wrinkle of following this guy around his home because he refuses to stop for five minutes so he can be properly cleaned. Is it too much to ask that you don't track mud all over these nice clean floors? It's just a common courtesy, people! (Did I just become my mother?)

And even after all that, MO still manages to use his special skills to be an integral part of saving the human race. He even forges a grudging friendship with his short-lived nemesis even though he is now on a planet just COVERED in dirt. He's never gonna get everything clean.

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