Chosen One of the Day: Mr. Freeze serving wintry realness

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Nov 27, 2018, 12:14 PM EST (Updated)

Batman & Robin gave the world nippled body armor, something I’m not quite sure we truly needed but I'm not here to kink-shame. This film also gave us one of the most iconic villain photoshoots to date, which in my opinion balances out those armored nips. Gotham has never seen a drip like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze's drip. He chilled like no villain has ever chilled before.


Batman & Robin’s Mr. Freeze gives us below-zero-but-make-it-fashion effortlessly. Every single look from this photoshoot could be worthy of an America’s Next Top Model contest. You find yourself rooting for Freeze even though he wants to put all of Gotham into an icy end. As good as he looks in faux polar bear slippers, perhaps a deep freeze wouldn’t be too bad. I mean the winter is usually when people like to DRESS. If the slippers aren’t your thing, this signature Mr. Freeze robe is surely a game changer. The crushed velvet just screams luxury and warmth. Plus Freeze’s skin could make a great Fenty shade, the Coldest Bitch Ever.

Mr. Freeze’s attire aside, the way he poses for the camera whispers opulence. He makes sitting on a block of ice look more comfortable than it could possibly be, but when you have the ability to make faux polar bear slippers look like Balenciaga, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Perhaps the bat could learn a thing or two from Mr. Freeze. After all, that drab utility belt could use an upgrade. Maybe a pearl or two.

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