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Chosen One of the Day: Nancy's gray streak in Nightmare on Elm Street

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May 13, 2020, 10:47 AM EDT (Updated)

In these quarantimes, some of us are missing our access to salons and professional hair care and it SHOWS. I've got more grays that a Macy Gray family reunion (that's not actually her real name but apparently there aren't a ton of famous people with the last name Gray, look, just let my stupid joke work please, gawd). But I'm choosing to embrace the silver fox within me and I was inspired to do so at a young age by Final Girl extraordinaire Nancy Thompson.

Over the course of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Nancy's hair goes from '80s brown waves to sleepy nest of fear-induced salt and pepper realness. Is that actually possible for one's hair to turn white with fright? Literally no. That's not a thing. But DAMN if Nancy doesn't own it. She owns it so hard she keeps this lewk in Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. She's 22, she's dignified, she's got the silvery sheen of a well-polished spoon, and she's ready to face down her demonic tormentor with a head full of bad dreams and voluminous curls. 

Nancy is a hero. A follicular hero.


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