Chosen One of the Day: Nebula from Zenon

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Jan 26, 2018

There are a few things every girl needs from time to time: sensible shoes, a high-quality handbag, one of those little detergent markers for when you inevitably drop food on yourself in a public setting (not that that has ever happened to any of us, especially not me), and a quality best friend. 

For Zenon Kar, the protagonist of the seminal Disney Channel classic Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, that best friend was Nebula. And what a best friend she was, too. You know, the kind that will stay up late to dissect the minutiae of every moment of your recent interaction with your crush. The kind who knows exactly when you need to go out for drinks or when you’d much rather stay home and build a pillow fort like real adults. The kind who will help you save your space station from those who want to knock it out of the sky.

You know, the usual.

Zenon led an interesting life. For one, she lived in space. For another, she was constantly getting herself into some serious trouble about her space station homestead, and Nebula was along for nearly every ride. She was there to be supportive, but not blindly so, like Zenon’s fun-loving conscience. Like if Jiminy Cricket looked like Raven Simone, wore hair slinkies, and made absolutely insane exclamations because Disney had some very interesting ideas about what life in the future would look like.

Plus, she gives quality eye-roll.


For all her awesomeness, though, Nebula got the short shrift in Zenon’s world. Sure, she helps Zenon save their home more than once, but she’s almost always relegated to second string to Margie or Zenon’s love interest of the moment. Nevertheless, she’s a steadfast best friend, here to run clandestine operations and steal important disks off the space station floor and make them into jewelry because she is a secret badass who was planning to save the station all along (you will not convince me otherwise) while also giving perfect relationship advice to her friend thousands of miles below.

Oh, and she got to dance with Proto Zoa because sometimes the best friend gets what they deserve.

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