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Chosen One of the Day: Okoye's facial expressions

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Nov 12, 2018, 11:54 AM EST (Updated)

Black Panther is currently on Netflix. You should watch it. You should watch it because it was directed by the incomparable Ryan Coogler. You should watch it because it features a complex, layered, interesting villain for the first time in the history of the Marvel Universe. You should watch it because it’s a cultural, cinematic triumph and it’s got a kickass soundtrack.

But really, you should watch it because of Danai Gurira and her character, General Okoye, aka the badass warrior queen who is completely done with everyone’s sh*t.

Look, there are some wonderful women in the superhero genre and we stan them all, but no woman has come close to the level of IDGAF of King T’Challa’s name-taking right-hand. When Okoye sneers at the incompetency of white men, somewhere, a young African girl begins her training with the Dora Milaje. When she casts the shadiest of side-eyes, her enemies cower in fear. When she shames the primitiveness of guns, we draw one step closer to gun control in America and to a safer world.

As the commander of the king’s guard, Okoye could’ve been regulated to just a background character in the story of the Black Panther. Instead, her comedic timing, her dry wit, and her level of sass catapulted her to a new rank: feminist icon. Not only was she there to mock her king’s love life whenever he needed an ego check, to spear her way through bad guys while saving an entire kingdom, and to mercilessly threaten her f*ckboi when he decided to stage a coup, she also made sure the world knew how completely done with man’s fuckery we women truly are.


This b*tch snatched her own wig because voluminous hair is just a construct of a patriarchal society intent on reducing women to sex objects. Okoye knows this.

When T’Challa revealed his plans to open Wakanda to the world, Okoye knew the true benefits of ending the country’s isolationist policy: Starbucks.

Honestly, we’d watch an entire two-hour movie full of Okoye’s reactions to things and still be more entertained than we were watching Thor: The Dark World.

Carry on with your no-f*cks-given attitude, Okoye, and know that women everywhere are with you.

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