Chosen One of the Day: Old Lace, the dinosaur from Runaways

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Jan 29, 2018

Kids, especially weird, outcast type kids, sometimes really just need a good pet. Someone who will love them unconditionally, so long as you keep them fed and patted and occasionally snuggled. For most kids, that's a dog, or a cat, or a hamster. For others, it's fish or iguanas or snakes. Then, of course, there are the kids who keep spiders because while heaven might be a place on Earth, hell is certainly a teenage boy's bedroom.

But when you're a strange girl in a group of odd, superpowered teenagers who have just discovered that their parents are supervillains who have been murdering teenagers their whole lives, you won't do with just a regular old pet.

Bring on the dinosaur.


You heard me.

Then again, calling Old Lace Gert's pet is an insult to both the dinosaur and their relationship. You see, while Old Lace might be a toothy, intimidating human-sized lizard, when it comes to Gert, she is loving and attentive.

Maybe sometimes too attentive.

After all, it's hard to hide your giant telepathic dinosaur when she keeps following you everywhere, running across the rooftops of Brentwood, climbing inside dumpsters, hiding in cars and shopping carts as you run around in broad daylight.

Come to think of it ... are people in L.A. so jaded by all the strangeness everywhere they don't even notice a dinosaur roaming about destroying property and eating all the squirrels?

But whether she's destroying someone's rooftop or facing off against an evil cabal of murderous rich people, Old Lace does it all for her bestest friend Gert. Who she just met. Come to think of it ... they still haven't explained how Gert can communicate with Old Lace. Is she secretly Gert's very scaly sister? Comic readers, don't spoil this for me.

Where do we get our own emotional support dinosaur? Will they let her on planes? And how attached are we to that godawful name?

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