Chosen One of the Day: Penny from Inspector Gadget

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Jun 3, 2021, 7:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Everyone loves Inspector Gadget. Yes, everyone. Don’t try to deny it or pretend you’re too old for a children’s show about a strange robotic detective, his niece, and their hyper-intelligent dog. 

You probably also shouldn’t try to pretend like Inspector Gadget was in any way your favorite character. Gadget is terrible. Your favorite character was Penny. Or the dog. But mostly Penny.

You know why? Because Penny had her sh*t together. She loved her uncle, and even though it was an astonishingly dangerous job for a pre-teen genius, she was pretty much the only reason he got to keep his. She secretly stopped all of Claw’s plans, and she got the coolest toys. Who needs extendable limbs and a helicopter in your head when you could have Penny’s awesome video watch and a BOOK that is also a COMPUTER? Plus, Gadget was pretty much locked into that outfit for the rest of his life. Trench coats are not exactly fashion forward.

Penny was the real hero — yes, along with Brain, I am not forgetting about the dog — and she never even took the credit for being the real thorn in Claw’s disembodied arm. Her garbage uncle didn't even NOTICE that she was the one constantly saving the day. Even in a children's cartoon, the female character gets NOTHING.

Then again, Claw had it in for her uncle, so maybe it was less about humility and more about subterfuge.

Maybe Penny is an evil genius. We knew we liked her.

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