Avatar Zuko Thats Rough Buddy
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Chosen One of the Day: Prince Zuko, comforting listener

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May 29, 2020, 10:30 AM EDT

There’s no shortage of trauma for the Avatar gang, whether it’s your mother dying to protect you as the last waterbender; being 12 and trapped in an iceberg for a hundred years, then awakening to find out there’s a war you have to stop; or having aggressively overprotective parents who can’t see how amazing and capable you are — the list goes on.

Uh, spoilers below for this ... 15-year-old show, I guess?

None of these kids are without their tragedies, so when Zuko finally shows up to the Western Air Temple with a “Hello, Zuko here,” he gets to learn all about it. Our favorite angst-ridden, angry, heavily traumatized boy gets to learn ALL about the Gaang and their histories — including Sokka.

Oh, Sokka. In Book 3: Fire, Zuko and Sokka end up on a mission together, which is P R I M E for bonding — except they’re both awkward as hell, so of course it starts with the following:

Sokka: … Pretty clouds. 
Zuko: Yeah. Fluffy.

But they go deeper — Zuko starts talking about his family, being a traitor to his nation, the girl he left behind. This is where Sokka decides it’s a good time to commiserate, “My first girlfriend turned into the moon.”

And Zuko, bless him, stops, considers what he just heard, and then gives a nigh-perfect reply.

“That’s rough, buddy.” 


That is rough, buddy. 

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