Chosen One of the Day: Princess Mombi's Walk-In Head Closet from 'Return to Oz'

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Aug 25, 2017, 10:57 AM EDT

You know what can be a real pain? Doing your hair and makeup. Finding the right foundation shade, concealing zits and dark spots, and don't get me started on the eternally alternately questionable and wonderful decision to get bangs. 

Honestly, it's more efficient and effective to just remove and replace the entire head. That's what I learned as a young child being completely warped and destroyed by the movie Return to Oz.

A healthy human child would watch this disturbed. A woman just took her head off, walked around like that's NBD, then popped a new head on. Me? Not a healthy human child. I instead was envious of this sumptuous closet space resplendent with the best cranial costumes for the day.


"Nothing to lose your head over, dear. Hahahaha, it's good to laugh."

Do you know how hard it is to get perfect flyaway-free curls? If I have to disconnect my entire neck starting from my elegant permachoker to get them, I'm on board.


Don't judge me, head.

Honestly, how walk-in head closets didn't become an interior decorating smash is a mystery. Millions of mid-century modern options and not one sweet headroom. 

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