Chosen One of the Day: Pumpkin Rapper from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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Jun 28, 2017, 4:42 PM EDT (Updated)

There are a lot of weird villains in the Power Rangers world. We could probably devote an entire month's worth of Chosen Ones to the Robogoats and the Magnet Brains and the Polluticorns.

We could, but we won't. Instead, let's just focus on one of the most insane villains the Rangers ever went up against.

Yes, more insane than Pursehead, a villain whose head is literally made from a coin purse.

Today, we're talking about Pumpkin Rapper. He is a giant jack-o-lantern whose head is upside down and who has pumpkin-headed minions.

Oh, and he raps.

That's like his main thing. It even requires a rap to summon him out of the ground.

It brings up so many questions.

Is music his real dream?

Is he just doing this to make ends meet before he's discovered?

Does he spend his days off standing on the street handing out his EP to passers-by?

Can he speak in anything other than terrible raps?

Pumpkin Rapper

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