Chosen One of the Day: Rainbow Brite's plucky gal pal Patty O'Green

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Mar 17, 2018, 10:00 AM EDT

Today, as you cloak yourself in green and ready to down some festive Irish refreshments, consider raising a glass to the girl who's been rocking the all-green look since 1983: Rainbow Brite's Patty O'Green!

Sporting a verdant version of Rainbow Brite's puff-sleeved pinafore, Patty always seemed a more relatable version of the colorful heroine. Her pigtails were always in place, but often illustrated with a stray hair or an uneven bow. Which was cool. Patty wasn't about perfection, she was about playtime!

For kids who loved being "girly" and getting their hands dirty, Patty O'Green was an inspiration. She ran around in a dress and loved playing pranks or in the mud. Her job was keeping things green, but her presence told girls in particular that it was okay to be rough-and-tumble. Her knees were often striped with band-aids, but it wasn't embarrassing or "unladylike." Matched to her green clothes, they were another proud statement of Patty's individuality.




She was fun-loving, messy, and mischievous. Also, she played the oboe.



As a dress-loving tomboy, I adored my Patty O'Green doll on the daily. Sure, Rainbow Brite got the spotlight. But Patty with her pluck and freckles made me feel like I could be a hero too.

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