Chosen One Of The Day: Randy Giles of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Mar 11, 2018, 10:00 AM EDT

Whatever flavor of crush you favor, Buffy the Vampire Slayer had you covered. There was brooding hunk Angel, sweet as pie Willow, smart silver fox Giles, sassy and sexy Anya, and the ultimate bad boy in the platinum blonde vampire Spike. But in a very special episode of this classic '90s series, those of us who like our guys nerdy with an edge got a dream come true in Randy Giles.

Thanks to Willow's spell-gone-wrong, the Scoobies lose their memories and have to piece together clues to reassemble their identities. Disguised to duck a literal loan shark, Spike ditched his signature skin-tight black gear and long leather duster in favor of a jaunty suit he wouldn't normally be caught undead in. So it's with a bit of magic, amnesia, and misconstrued context clues that Randy Giles was born.

Their mutual resentment and English accents convince Spike and Giles that they are son and father. From there, Spike discovers a label in his lapel that reads "Made with care for Randy."

Oh, Randy. No need to be so sensitive. Or so desperate. (wink)

Okay, real talk the flappy hat needs to go. But without it, you're a perfect rom-com hero! You're lip-bitingly good-looking, but with a grouchy edge. You're basically Mr. Darcy to Buffy's fiery Elizabeth… or Joan, as it were. Clearly, these two lost lovers were bound to end up in an enchanting tumble.

Oh my. 

But alas. Their time together was short, as was ours with Randy Giles. Soon Buffy and Spike were back to their old selves, and their ongoing "will they/won't they" dance. But for one weird and lovely episode, we had a hint of Jane Austen in the midst of Joss Whedon's world. And it made us feel... randy.  

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