Chosen One of the Day: Robin's baby hands from Teen Titans Go

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Aug 1, 2018

He's a maniacal, insecure leader with delusions of grandeur and tiny, tiny hands. I think you all know who I'm talking about.


Oh yes, while we may know another who fits that description, this one came first. As the leader of the Teen Titans, the Robin of Teen Titans Go and now Teen Titans Go to the Movies is rocking the three Bs: buns, baby hands, and serious Bat-daddy issues. "F*ck Batman?" Our Robin WOULD NEVER. Or, rather, he would and then he'd immediately get caught by Batman and cry into his pudgy little hands for an hour. 

In this way, Robin would serve as a great role model for other baby-handed manboys. Use your baby hands for heroics, not villainy. Lend a baby hand to help others, not to take away. Your fingers may be itty bitty but it doesn't mean your heart can't be big. 

Tiny hands, big hearts, can't lose. 

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