Chosen One of the Day: Ruby Rhod's futuristic pompadour in The Fifth Element

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Sep 25, 2018

Not everyone can pull off a pompadour. A hairstyle that pops up in numerous cultures from rock 'n roll to Yakuza members, the pompadour is a statement. Now imagine an already iconic style to pop culture getting remixed and updated to fit the year 2263. Hopefully, the image you conjured up was that of Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element, owner of the space pompadour of the future.

Ruby Rhod’s remixed pompadour deserves a “take that, take that” walk-by and shimmy by Diddy himself. All the elements of the pompadour are there but with enough difference to appreciate the new take on it. In fact, Ruby’s pompadour also has elements of the French roll, another hairstyle with a range in pop culture.


This pompadour is a “No pockets? No problem.” situation. All the storage options Ruby needs are right there, hidden within the depths of the pompadour's roll. In a Disney animated film, it would have most definitely been used as a home for cute sidekick animal.

This iconic future hairdo is peak "doing the absolute most," which adds to the character. Rhod might be a radio host in the future but even he knew it was necessary to stay camera ready, even if the cameras aren't rolling like his perfectly coiffed hairdo is.

We believe Ruby Rhod's pompadour could have been the fifth and final element to save the world.

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