Sean Bean, Jupiter Ascending

Chosen One of the Day: Sad Bee Dad Sean Bean in Jupiter Ascending

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Jul 24, 2018, 10:30 AM EDT

Now, I'm not going to use this space to talk about how I think Jupiter Ascending is an underrated classic. I've already done that, and you can read my thoughts at length here. No, what I'm going to do instead is zero in on one very specific facet of this very underappreciated flick, and that is the part where Sean Bean, He of the Many On-Screen Deaths, plays a half-bee, half-human hybrid called Stinger.

You heard me.

Someone, somewhere, whoever is in charge of genetically engineering the soldiers for some unforeseen purpose, decided to splice a human with a bee. And the result is Sean Bean. He also has a daughter in the film, named Kiza, who is especially delightful but also sick, so of course Bee Dad Sean Bean wants to do whatever is best for her even if that means temporarily betraying our heroes. (He comes around in the end.)

Jupiter Ascending actually marks one of the first instances in which Sean Bean does not die on screen, making it a milestone in cinema for that reason alone. But you should still watch it, because he plays a bee who is also a dad and sometimes sad. He's Sad Bee Dad Sean Bean.

Meanwhile, we're all still kind of wondering whether or not he's called "Stinger" for a reason. Wink wink.

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