Chosen One of the Day: Selina Kyle's apartment in Batman Returns

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Jul 2, 2018, 4:39 PM EDT (Updated)

The unsung heroes of any great film are the props and set design teams. The placement of a specific item can tell more about a character than 10 pages of dialogue and backstory.

In the case of Selina Kyle before she became Catwoman, however, what her apartment in Batman Returns told us was that she was f*cking fabulous with or without shiny black pleather.

Be still my fancy heart, this apartment is EV. ER. Y. THING. It's a mid-century wonder replete with vintage finds my thrift-loving soul could weep over. The chairs! The cabinetry! THAT NEON SIGN! 

On one hand, this apartment wants us to see that Selina has somewhat of a childlike naivete (the stuffed animals, fine, those I will grant you, and bonus props, pun intended, to that very powerful garbage disposal, in a pre-war building no less!), but it also clues us in to the fact that Selina always had Catwoman inside her—I mean she owned THAT JACKET that would become her iconic catsuit. And while the black spray paint may have sullied an otherwise resplendent flat, she can repaint. And this time, MAKE IT PINKER. 

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