Chosen One of the Day: Shego from Kim Possible

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Jan 23, 2018

They say behind every great man is a woman. Well, behind every mediocre supervillain is a far more capable female sidekick just here for the evil. Like Shego, Dr. Drakken's ever-present enforcer on Kim Possible, only the greatest animated show about a female teenage super spy ever. 

Shego is pretty much the best kind of supervillain in that she ... mostly doesn't care. Sure, she COULD take over the world just by showing up in her bright green bodysuit and staring menacingly at those in power through her luscious black hair, but, like, that would require planning and effort, which is just not Shego's game. She'd much rather let the men, with their megalomaniacal scheming, put themselves in harm's way, while she just shows up, does her job, gets her evil on, and gets paid.

Don't work harder, right? Work smarter. And ideally, be so awesome at your job that even if you do get caught, other villains will break you out of jail just to work with you.

Plus, you get paid to lounge around, sharpen your suit claws, flirt with your teenage nemesis, and occasionally shoot energy bolts out of your hands.

Hang on, I'm gonna go change careers.

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