Chosen One of the Day: Sid from Toy Story

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Jun 11, 2018

Over the last several years, we've seen a push for children in STEM. And yet, in one of the most beloved movies in recent memory, a STEM-leaning child was punished as a monster. How dare this movie? How dare we AS A SOCIETY?

Sid from Toy Story enjoyed taking toys apart and putting them back together in new and interesting formations. Some of us might see that as innovation. In Toy Story, this child was demonized. For his simple curiosity! His ingenuity! His co-mingling of baby doll and K'NEX!


Look, Sid doesn't know his toys are sentient. He's just trying to blow sh*t up and create art. Is stealing your sister's doll nice? No. Does it make you a tiny baby psychopath monster worthy the utter trauma of watching your toys literally come to life and attack you? HEAVENS NO. 

Sid, we're sorry. And we choose to believe your life took a turn to the sciences and not punished with trash and that if you did go into sanitary services that it was by choice and not amends from a cowboy doll. 

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