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Chosen One of the Day: Singing dwarves in the Hobbit

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Dec 12, 2019, 10:30 AM EST

There’s a lot that we can say about The Hobbit, Peter Jackson’s follow-up to his critically lauded masterpiece Lord of the Rings, most of it in the realm of “ehhhhhhh okay.” 

However, there is one beacon of shining gold in the mediocrity sandwich that is the trilogy, and that is the dwarves absolutely slaying “Misty Mountains.”

Let’s set the scene: these rowdy-ass dwarves have just taken over Bilbo’s house. One by one (or two in the case of Fili and Kili), these adventuring, loud, covered-in-layers-and-layers of bulky material, gloriously bearded dwarves entered Mr. Bagginssesess’ home. Bilbo, who at the beginning of the film is the C3PO of hobbits, is so mad. They eat all his food! They’re so messy! And presumptuous!

But then, after dinner, when the Dwarves are sated and feeling contemplative, they sit in Bilbo’s den and stare at the fire. The light is low, and it’s really a beautiful scene. Then the humming starts, and these deep voices start singing some minor chords. Thorin’s rumbly dulcet tones release from a smad (sad and mad) mouth. 

Far over the misty mountains cold… 

They all keep staring at the fire (Kili or is it Fili? Either way, the Hot Dwarf looks particularly determined to smolder in the light). 

Even Gandalf is listening — he does have that pipe lit with what is probably some epic Hobbiton grass — but I like to think it probably adds to the experience of listening to dwarves sing mournfully in the firelight. 

Bilbo can’t even see it, but look at him! He’s done, he’s taken in, he is theirs, even if he doesn’t know it yet! 

Credit: Warner Bros.

This song is actually dope as heck and I love the dwarves for falling into their emo feels and singing it for us. Bilbo needed it and so did we. 

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