Chosen One of the Day: Spectra and friends

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Jun 22, 2017, 2:13 PM EDT (Updated)

Back in 1987, Mattel released the greatest dolls in their history and the coolest non-Barbie Barbies ever: Spectra Dolls.

Spectra, the leader of the Shimmerons of Planet Shimmeron, and her friends had "heard the buzz" about this Earth place and decided to travel here to find out what made it so cool, so NATURALLY they chose to do this in the '80s.


Like all Shimmerons, Spectra and crew's bodies shimmered so bright, you'd have to wear your sunglasses at night (not sorry) while looking at them! Spectra dolls were like Barbie and the Rockers, only ten thousand times better because they’re "lacy ... spacy ... and out of this world" alien robots. They also had the best names ever.

Spectra, outer space star! Leader of the Shimmerons (aka intergalactic Jem)



AstraGold, greatest party giver in the galaxy! ( aka Samantha from Sex and the City)



StylaBlue, outer space fashion leader! (aka Lisa Turtle from Saved By the Bell / Dionne from Clueless, aka their token black friend)



UltraViolet, cosmic beauty expert! (aka the dumb pretty one)



Tom Comet, galactic sports fan & for-it man! (aka Chad)


AND SHE HAD A SPACE DOG NAMED SPARK! Get it?!?! Bark/Spark?!?!?!



Someone at Mattel seriously needs to rethink their life choices, because instead of unleashing a bunch of ridiculous Ken dolls no one asked for, they SHOULD have been bringing back Spectra dolls. This is a marketing and merchandising dream. Never mind a 47-pt Transformers franchise; I'd pay cash money for a Spectra anthology. It'd be like Ex Machina meets Clueless, with a bunch of fashion-forward, party-obsessed Cylons navigating existence among humans.

I leave you with the equally fantastic Spectra commercial while I figure out who at Mattel I have to talk to about writing a comic book series about the adventures of Spectra and her friends.

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