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Chosen One of the Day: Steve’s hair in Stranger Things

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Apr 8, 2018, 10:01 AM EDT

The first time you hear "1980s hair" as a descriptor for someone, you'll also likely feel your face immediately cringe. As much as we love the '80s, the hairstyles are notoriously bad. Big. Curly. Hairspray. Big and curly with hairspray. And the town of Hawkins from Netflix's Stranger Things is not immune to these embarrassing trends. Will Byers has that ridiculous bowl cut. Billy has a greasy mullet. Jonathan has that never-washed look.

And I don't even know how to describe this look Dustin wears to the dance in Season 2, which, while adorable on him, should never be worn by any other human.

Stranger Things Dustin hair

Credit: Netflix

But despite the plethora of ways to go down the wrong path hair-wise in Hawkins (and also just literally go down the wrong path), one character makes superior hair choices. Obviously, I'm talking about Hair God Steve Harrington.


Stranger Things hair steve 2

Credit: Netflix

What makes Steve's hair so immune to the pitfalls of the decade?

First of all, he clearly takes care of it. All of the other dudes in Hawkins either throw on a hat or simply accept unwashed, greasy hair as part of their aesthetic. Steve gives Dustin some sage hair advice in Season 2 which includes the use of various products such as Fabergé and "Farrah Fawcett spray." So while Steve clearly has superior hair genes, he also makes an effort to maintain his luscious locks.


Steve could walk directly out of my TV into 2018 (like he has in my dreams) and that hair would still be On Point. There are plenty of hairstyles that come in and out of fashion, but Steve's bold choice somehow would work in every decade since the '80s. His haircut is the "little black dress" of hairstyles. It works for casual or formal, any time period, and any country. 

And finally, CONSISTENCY.

There is something to be said for a hair refresh or trying something new (i.e. Eleven pulls off several hairstyles throughout the first two seasons), but in the ever-changing world of Hawkins, Steve's hair never lets us down. When the kids are fighting, when Will is dealing with his trauma, while Joyce is being all Joyce about things, Steve's hair STAYS THE SAME -- the perfectly coiffed image of control and sanity in a world chock full of loss and an actual f**king Demogorgon.

No matter what goes down in Hawkins next season, we'll always have Steve's hair to remind us the world is okay.

Stranger Things Steve Harrington
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