Chosen One of the Day: Swift Wind, She-Ra’s fabulous horse friend

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Jul 26, 2018, 12:23 PM EDT (Updated)

Every young girl wants a horse friend because horses are great and they don’t judge you. Every girl who ever watched She-Ra wanted a very specific kind of horse friend. They wanted Swift Wind. Or Spirit, depending on whether you thought your horse friend needed a makeover.

Spirit was Adora’s horse when she was a little bit evil and working for the Horde. Swift Wind was Adora’s horse when she transformed into She-Ra and everything got 1000% more fabulous. Spirit could talk and had a pretty orange mane and was a loyal friend, but Swift Wind … Swift Wind was a unicorn AND a pegasus. Swift Wind took the majesty of his equine beginnings and crossed it with the greatest dreams of every little kid who grew up playing Pretty Pretty Princess.

Swift Wind is who you wanted to be when you secretly wished you were a horse.

Swift Wind is glitter and rainbows and marshmallows and just a little bit of vengeful murder because that horn is a weapon and he is not afraid to use it.

Swift Wind has a fancy mask and brightly colored wings that only slightly clash with his ginger mane but HE DOES NOT CARE.

Swift Wind is a proud father of a completely normal horse who missed out on the chance to be a unicorn, but that’s totally fine with Swift Wind because he loves all things just as they are.

Swift Wind is all of us at our best selves. Assuming your best self is a fancy unicorn pegasus.

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