Chosen One of the Day: Taako from 'The Adventure Zone'

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:41 AM EDT (Updated)

It is no secret that Dungeons & Dragons is having a bit of a moment, mainstream-culturewise. Thanks to Stranger Things and Community, and the release of the more playable fifth edition of the game, what for many was the final frontier of nerddom is now much more widely accessible. One D&D-inspired work that has taken off, as one of its creators, Justin McElroy, puts it, "like a car that learned how to fly," is The Adventure Zone, a podcast from the My Brother, My Brother and Me brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy, along with their dad Clint. In the first campaign of the podcast, which just ended after three years, under the dungeon mastery of Griffin, we followed Magnus (Travis), a human fighter; Merle (Clint), a dwarf cleric; and, of course, the reason for the COOTD season, Taako (Justin), an elf wizard. An amazing, perfect elf wizard at that.

Taako starts out (and kind of stays to some extent) a master of IDGAFery.

His wizarding is both exceptional and replete with good, good lines.

But it's not all abracaf-ck you. Over the course of the campaign, Taako would make me cry the way This Is Us makes other people (yes, OK, and me) cry. His relationship with his sister, Lup, and his boyfriend, Kravitz, who is, in fact, death (Taako is metal, y'all), are some of the sweetest moments in all of podcastery. So now that The Balance Arc is over and the show is between phases, get yourself bingeing The Adventure Zone. As for the rest of us, like Taako, we're good out here. 

(Header image by Avery Helm.)

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