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Chosen One of the Day: T’Challa, older brother out of his depth

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Aug 3, 2020, 11:35 AM EDT (Updated)

We all know that the Black Panther aka King T’Challa is a badass. He showed up in Captain America: Civil War and stole the show. He did not have time for anyone’s nonsense. He was just cool, looked great fighting, and played perfectly by Chadwick Boseman. 

Then we got Black Panther, and it turns out T’Challa is a huge dork. His sister Shuri — played by Letitia Wright, again, to perfection — is the true badass of the family. She runs circles around her older brother! She calls him out! The alternative title of this piece is: Shuri, actual coolest member of the Wakandan royal family. (The fact that I am a younger sister with an older brother definitely has no bearing on this piece, I promise.)

T’Challa tries to tease her when he first lands back in Wakanda after the opening sequence and Shuri is not having it.

Credit: Disney/Marvel

Look at his face after she flips him off. 

Credit: Disney/Marvel

Then, of course, there’s the truly iconic WHAT ARE THOOOSE sequence in the lab. But the entire scene in the lab is a gift. 

T’Challa: Why are you recording? 
Shuri, innocently: For research purposes.
T’Challa after getting his butt kicked by the suit his sister designed: 

Credit: Disney/Marvel

Obviously, Shuri is a hero a million times over in this movie, but I really appreciate that she is also the younger sister in all of us. I would just like to thank her for the very accurate portrayal. And to T’Challa, maybe you’ll get the upper hand next time, bro! 

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